App against range anxiety

I have created a new app that helps against EV range anxiety: if you plan to buy an electric car, just install the range calculator and drive with your normal car. The app will tell you how an electric car would behave especially with respect to the battery. This easily tells you which EV fits you best. I have built the app just for myself as I want to buy one and have been confused by the press how far they would go.

Does someone have an EV and time and motivation to show burners that real world performance? I have put a lot of time in the physical model so that the results are as accurate as possible and I calibrate it with real cars on read roads. Unfortunately I currently only have access to a Model S 75 and a 30 kW Leaf…those cars are expensive when you rent them…

Who can support we for the other vehicles with real world data?

You just have to drive normally with the EV and note how much kWh the drive has used. If you want to help, just drop me a note and I will give you a special version of the app that records data so that I can tune the model (the normal version certainly does not record anything, because data privacy is important to me).